Katy Perry Without Make-up Twitter Pic

Russell Brand did something that his wife probably will not appreciate very much: posting a picture of her on his Twitter account with no makeup on whatsoever.

The photo of Perry is quite unflattering and shows her half-awake and without any makeup,a messy hair do and also with quite a few blemishes. The Sun was the first publication to run the story after the picture hit Twitter, prompting many fans of hers to reply with sympathetic comments of their own.

Around 1.7 million fans of hers will likely see the picture that was recently posted on Brand’s Twitter page and he does not seem too apologetic about his recent actions.

The “Get him to the Greek” star seems to be in big trouble with Perry who although she has not yet commented on the picture, will likely be upset with him.

They officially got married in October, going to India for the wedding and spending Christmas together as a rather happy couple. Ever since they got married they have been seen together in a number of places, inseparable and like true newlyweds they cannot get enough of each other.


Russell Brand has promptly removed the unflattering picture of Katy Perry from his Twitter account.

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    1. Abbie says:

      I love you Katy Perry! Ignore these people… society focuses far too much on the outside. She still has an amazing voice, talent, and honestly she looks WAY better than any of us would if we were put in this situation. But, you should still slap your hubbie for taking this 😉

    2. agi says:

      I think she looks cute.:-)))))

    3. Nikki says:

      Oh come on! She doesn’t look bad…way better than I (or probably anyone) does in the morning! All the talk on the radio about how horrible she looks is a total exaggeration.

    4. Lindsey says:

      That wasn’t very nice of your husband!! he owes you flowers at least! And she doesn’t look bad its just shes making a silly face. She is beautiful and she has a beautiful heart so who gives a sh*t what she looks like when shes not ready for a picture we all have horrible pictures. Katy you’re gorgeous!

    5. summer says:

      i still think she is beautiful. she is a human, she isnt gonna wake up looking like a queen, nobody does. she looks great for just waking up and he loves the way she looks,even just wakin up, thats why he took the pic and i find pictures make u look worse. stop hatin on her. everybody always has to put someone down to make themselves feel better. there is nothing wrong with her!!

    6. brigetterenea says:

      so what, we’d all look bad in that lighting & w/o makeup. I wouldn’t be mad that’s just who she is. Stay beautiful Katy!

    7. Leslie says:

      So what if she doesn’t look that flattering when she wakes up in the morning. Who cares!!!???

      She is a great singer… that should be ENOUGH for any of you idiots out there complaining about her looks.

      She probably has more money that all of you combined!!!

      Leave her alone! Idiots!!!

    8. bsm says:

      Katy is as cute as a button. she is far cuter than the jerk who took the picture. But Love is Blind. He probably thought that she looked adorable and proudly posted the picture in order to show her off.

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